Domestic Shipping

We own a wide fleet of vehicles which allows us to transport the widest range of products in their different ways.

Transportation and Logistics Comprehensive Solutions

Everything is possible with Tradelog and our logistics network: from long distance transportation to home delivery, from refrigerated to dangerous cargo. Speed up your supply chain. Change your way of doing business with our shipment online tracking system. Along with our strategic alliances, we offer more and more effective and innovative solutions for logistics and cargo transportation operations.

Long Distance

We ship non-perishable goods or merchandise which do not require special treatment or handling. Cargo can be palletized or in bulk. Food, wood, pipes, supplies, beverages, raw material, among others. We annually make over 20.500 nationwide trips.

Transportation of Containers

We transport different types of containers with specific units in accordance with applicable law and safety rules.

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Chemical and
Mining Cargo

We offer this special service to mining companies, which includes transportation of supplies, raw material, and assembly equipment, using cuting-edge technology.

Liquid Cargo

We use tanks to transport liquid, gaseous, and chemical products. We comply with the highest standards of safety.

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Cargo Consolidation

We combine shipments of several customers, according to their merchandise, sharing space and shipping costs.

Cash-On Delivery Service

We perform cash-on-delivery services once the delivery has taken place.

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Controlled Temperature

We follow strict controls while shipping fresh, refrigerated, frozen or super frozen products, according to every customer’s needs.


We provide last-mile delivery services in all our locations.

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Bimodal Transportation

Train-Truck Bimodal Service.
Bolivia- Argentina

Logistics Solutions

We are experts in transportation and offer our clients customized solutions complying with the highest standards of quality and efficiency.