Why Tradelog?

High level of services, infrastructure, applied technology, socio-environmental policies, and commitment to our customers.

We are commited to providing high level services

Tradelog’s main goal is to guarantee logistics services to our customers, optimizing their supply chain and promoting sustainable development. To do this, we are constantly adapting to new changes to be competitive through processes of continuous improvement where concepts such as strategy and vision of the future are of vital importance for all and each one of those who are members of Tradelog.

24 hours on-road
maintenance service:

Units equipped with:
• Generator
• Compressor
• Spare parts
• General Mechanics Service
• Electricity
• Blacksmithing
• Tyres

International Support

Our areas of expertise are companies in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, car and technological industries, among others. Our services also include Customs clearance and advice aiming to offer a comprehensive, broad, and high-quality service.

World Class Warehouse

All Tradelog’s warehouses are built and equipped with state-of-the-art technologies. They are equipped with customized ESFR, RF sprinklers, modern handling equipment, and automatizations.

Our Integrated Management System Policies

Our commitment to the environment, safety, health, and quality drives us to implement robust policies that guide all our activities.

We are commited to working towards sustainability involving our supply chain and using the following indicators and implementations:

Measurement of Carbon Footprint

We measure CO2 emissions, generate indicators and design plans of action to contribute to the reduction of the environmental impact.

Implementation of 9S

We apply rules for the protection of merchandise which improve working conditions.

Waste separation

We facilitate the subsequent handling of waste, its utilization and reintegration.

Reduction of work-related injuries

Through different training, the correct use of elements for personal safety and maintaining our facilities in optimal conditions.

Process Modelling

We look forward to reducing time and nonconformities focusing on increasing effectiveness and efficiency in the involved processes.

Zero Alcohol Campaign

We constantly inform, raise awareness, and control all our workers and/or groups of interest.

Tradelog’s 3C’s program

It is based on Commitment, Awareness and Cooperation to limit and reduce environmental contamination.

Implementation of sustainability

In all our locations there are specific areas where waste is properly separated and disposed of.

Implementation of SDGs program

The Sustainable Development Goals driven by the UN are part of our chain of values.

Air, water, and noise studies

We carry out studies on cross-ventilation, physicochemical water analysis, noise measurements, among others, complying with requirements set forth by regulatory agencies.

Online/ Insite Training

We encourage our staff permanent training through significant online platforms.

Tradelog’s 3Rs Program

We encourage a sustainable lifestyle by reducing the use of raw material as well as the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere, reusing products to make their useful life longer, and recycling, which is based on reprocessing waste material to obtain new products, preserve potentially useful material and avoid environmental damage.

Certificates / Authorizations

We have a wide range of certificates and authorizations that vouch our broad experience and professionalism operating in different areas.

We are registered with Argentina’s Registry of Precursor Chemicals to provide warehousing and transportation for this type of merchandise.
We specialize in shipping this type of substance and we have all the necessary permits.
We have the corresponding authorization by Argentina’s Food Health and Quality Service, which inspects and certifies animal and vegetal products and sub-products, their supplies and agrochemical residues.
We have authorization for the transportation of different products ruled by Argentina’s Food, Drug and Medical Technology Administration.
We take part in the Program for Responsible Environmental Care which involves aspects of safety and hygiene, occupational health and environment.
We are part of the program for the comprehensive management of plastic waste whose principal aim is to reduce its environmental impact through control and cleaning practices.
We take part in the Corporative Social Responsibility Initiative, which intends to encourage the business industry to commit themselves to the United Nations 10 universal principles.

State-of-the-art infrastructure

We have the best technical means, applied technology and necessary facilities for the best performance in our business. In this way, we offer efficient logistics management and high-level safety.

Locations network

Strategic location of our branch offices, covering key areas in Argentina and other countries in the region, is essential to give the most effective answer to our customers’ requests. Learn more.

Control Tower

24/7 Operational coordination and implementation.

Regarding transportation, we have a GPS following system, custody service and database as back-up system.

In our facilities there are alarm, CCTV, surveillance, and custody systems to protect our customers’ property.

Technology and Systems

Technology is applied to serve our customers.

Our customers

We offer standards of excellence in quality and safety, and establish long-term relationships with our customers. We promote improvements to generate added value, to position ourselves as an indispensable strategic partner. These are some of the companies that trust us: