Logistics companies and the challenge of investing in environmental sustainability 

We share the article that “Transporte y Logística” news portal published about Tradelog and other companies within the transportation industry which are carrying out different projects on “green logistics” which focus on environmental care.

There was a quantum leap in e-commerce during the pandemic, which generated an exponential growth for the logistics sector which resulted in shipping more packages, hiring more workers, widening fleets and warehouses, delivering goods in less time, and specially offering last-mile delivery services. Even so, at present, our concern and efforts are focused on finding solutions to make the system sustainable.

For instance, logistics companies operating in Argentina are driving the so-called “green logistics”, looking for ways to reduce waste and recover the value of products. The point is that the use of disposable plastic products, containers and packaging significantly grew at a faster and greater pace than what it takes to process them

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